Profitable Business-Building Strategies for Freelancers

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Profitable Business-Building Strategies for Freelancers

Dear Fellow Freelancer:

Has pursuing the freelance business of your dreams become a little bit more overwhelming, more challenging, even more lonely than you thought it would be?

Do you wish you knew better, faster, more direct ways to attract new clients than the methods you’re using now?

Would you love to have better tools, templates and techniques for growing your business and making it more profitable?

We totally get that.

We’re a group of five of your colleagues who collectively possess a wide range of skills, tools and expertise that we believe will help you to grow your freelance business faster, stronger and better. We banded together to present this much-needed and timely information to you, filled with tips designed to increase your cash flow right now!

We’ll show you exactly how to create a business that you love, that sustains you emotionally and financially and gives you the freedom you’re seeking at the same time!

This amazing 5-part teleseminar, plus a special bonus call, is
 now available as a digital product that you can easily download and carry with you anywhere!

It’s jam packed with the insider’s secrets that will propel your freelance business beyond your wildest dreams!

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You’ll Learn…

Session 1 | How to Price, Quote and Win the Work

Do you ever wonder why some writers struggle to get decent fees for their work, while others seem to consistently get paid top dollar? It isn’t necessarily talent, experience or even promotional prowess. Often, it’s in the way they price their services, present their quotations, and follow-up.

In this fast-paced session, Steve Slaunwhite, author of Pricing Your Writing Services, walks you through his proven 5-step process for getting even penny-pinching clients to pay your full professional rates. He also gives you some tips and strategies for determining what the high-end professional rates are for various writing projects, so you never have to worry about quoting too high or too low again.

“How to Price, Quote and Win the Work!” presented by Steve Slaunwhite, author of Pricing Your Writing Services

Steve Slaunwhite is a marketing speaker, author and coach, as well as being an award-winning expert on writing marketing copy that sells. His popular books and how-to guides include The Wealthy Freelancer (Alpha Books), The Everything Guide To Writing Copy (Adams Media), Start & Run A Copywriting Business (Self-Counsel Press), The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Starting A Web-Based Business (Alpha Books), Pricing Your Writing Services, and many more. He is also the creator of three highly successful home-study courses.

Steve’s insights into “wealthy” freelancing have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Writer, Home Business Report and dozens of other major publications. He is also a regular blogger at Each year Steve teaches thousands of freelance professionals how to make more money and become more successful through his seminars and keynotes. He draws on his extensive research and his own experience as a six-figure freelancer for more than 15 years.

When not working, Steve enjoys skiing, biking, traveling and just hanging out with his wife and daughter.

For more info on Steve, visit:

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Looking for cost-effective strategies to drive more traffic to your web pages and increase your conversion rates?  Look no further!

Session 2 | How to Stop Being the Best Kept Secret
and Become
 a Client Magnet with Copy that Sells!

This is no time to be shy about branding your amazing services as the EXPERT you already are! You do it for others every day – so why can’t you manage to do it for yourself?

Not sure how you can differentiate yourself to stand out and be juicy?

Or maybe you think you’re demonstrating the value of what you have to offer, but your clients just aren’t climbing on board in droves?

Bev shows you how your copy can build a loyal following of clients you love to work with and who are hungry for your products and services!

Join Beverly Bergman, The Queen of Copywriting, and Founder of Copywriting For Coaches™ and the International Alliance of Female Copywriters (IAFC) as she pulls back the curtain and exposes her top secrets to:

  • Converting prospects into enthusiastic buyers
  • The 5 P’s you must have to create long-term loyalty with clients
  • Consistently ranking #1 on all 3 top organic search engines

You won’t want to miss this opportunity to discover the exact steps Beverly uses in her unique “MIRROR™” copywriting method to repeatedly average a 66% click-through rate from her squeeze page – all without hiring an SEO team.

“Become a Client Magnet in Your Service Business with Copy that Sells” presented by Beverly Bergman, Founder/CEO of Copywriting For Coaches™ and Founder/President of the International Alliance of Female Copywriters (IAFC).

Beverly Bergman, The Queen of Copywriting, is an award-winning copywriter with more than twenty years of copywriting experience. Beverly empowers coaches, authors and speakers by writing SEO marketing copy that converts prospective clients into enthusiastic buyers and turns copy into gold.

Beverly is the CEO of BB Marketing Solutions and Copywriting For Coaches™. She founded the International Alliance of Female Copywriters (IAFC) to empower and raise the visibility of women copywriting professionals. She is the author of the upcoming E-book: “Squeeze Page Juice: How to Create High-Converting Lead Generation Opt-in Pages” and teaches classes “Up Your Game: Writing That Sells – on Steroids!” in teleclasses and her upcoming CD Set.

For more info on Bev, visit: and

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 more profitable business
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Session 3 | Gaining Focus in Your Business

Do you want to get started in your freelance business but you are
 so overloaded with ideas you don’t know where to start?

Do you have years of experience that you would love to turn into a business or freelance opportunity but you can’t decide which area would be best to focus on?

Not being able to select a business focus can cost you time, money, and effort. Being unable to decide on a focus can keep you from reaching your goals and from earning an adequate income through your business.

This workshop presents the steps to The FOCUS Program™ that shows you how to choose among your many valid areas of interest to get a focus and get started in your freelance business or small business venture.

Get personal coaching to help you get on the fast-track to get your project and program out and your business goals checked off your list!

You will get tips and tools to:

  • Find and acknowledge the best potential areas to focus on in your freelance business
  • Open your mind to ways you can get started freelancing without wasting a lot of time, money and effort
  • Create ways to structure your freelancing so you can choose between multiple interests without having to “give up” ideas you hold dear
  • Uncover how your focus helps to determine a marketing strategy that matches your personality
  • Strategize the steps to grow in your success.

There’s no reason to live in frustration when you can learn the keys to The FOCUS Program™ and unlock a clear vision and strategic plan to focus your talents to get started in your business.

“Gaining Focus in Your Business for Increased Profits” presented by Consuelo Meux, Ph.D. Founder of Sterling Training and Consulting Services and the International Alliance of Women Leaders (IAWL).

Consuelo Meux, Ph.D. has combined her 30 years of business and organization development expertise with certifications in Creativity Coaching, Executive Mastermind Coaching and Life Coaching to design unique programs that move you from “stuck to started.”

As an expert in systems concepts, Consuelo easily sees patterns and processes in complex ideas.  Her support, programs and processes work best to assist unique individuals with a lot of expertise, talents, or ideas who don’t fit into pre-packaged, cookie-cutter solutions.  You will be empowered to find your passions, get focused, create intentions, and design structured steps to move forward in your specific, individualized path to success.

For more info, visit: Sterling Training and Consulting

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Session 4 | Twitter for Freelancers—A Step-by-Step System for Attracting an Unending Stream of Clients in Less Than 20 Minutes a Day!

In this teleclass, freelancers learn how to harness the power of Twitter to tap into a wellspring of potential clients, no matter what type of freelance business you’re in!

Mary Anne Hahn, freelance ghost writer and Executive Director of the International Association of Professional Ghost Writers, will show you step by step how she has built and continues to build a targeted list of Twitter followers for both her freelance business and the association that has catapulted her into the top one percent of all Twitter users in terms of popularity according to  Topics she covers in the teleclass include:

  • How to set up hourly, daily, weekly and monthly systems that enable you to grow a targeted and interactive list of Twitter followers without getting sucked into wasting too much time there
  • How to set up your Twitter profile that magnetically attracts idea clients to your following
  • How to find hundreds, even thousands, of potential clients on Twitter—and exactly what to do once you find them
  • The do’s and don’ts of tweeting—what to say, what not to say, and how often to say anything at all
  • How to use Twitter in order to drive tons of traffic to your site or blog, day after day
  • And much, much more!

“Twitter for Freelancers—A Step-by-Step System for Attracting an Unending Stream of Clients in Less Than 20 Minutes a Day” presented by Mary Anne Hahn, Executive Director of the International Association of Professional Ghost Writers

A longtime advocate for writers of all genres, Mary Anne Hahn launched the e-zine “WriteSuccess” back in August 2000, and later developed the accompanying Web site at

Over the years, she has written numerous articles on writing and the writing life, shared hundreds of resources for writers and posted market information, contest announcements and writing job opportunities in order to help writers develop successful writing careers.

In January of 2010 she launched the Association of Professional Ghost Writers. You can follow her on Twitter here.

For more info on Mary Anne, visit:

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Session 5 | Break Free of the Feast & Famine Cycle
with Increased Income Streams & Stable Revenue Systems!

Working for yourself can be a pain or a pleasure. It depends on how you set up your income structure. Most freelancers focus only on selling services and that sets them squarely in the ‘Feast & Famine Cycle’ stuck on a treadmill of chasing the next client or doing the work. It can be grueling and disheartening. What happens when you get sick or want to take a vacation?

There is a solution. It’s simple and so freeing! Join us for this teleclass where we’ll discuss how to structure your business’s income ‘quadrants’ so there’s a firm foundation of income streams so you have a ‘business’ and not a ‘job’.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • How business has changed and why it’s the BEST time possible to be a solo pro – There have been significant global shifts – economically, technologically, and structurally – that work in your favor, but you need to know how to work them
  • Where money comes from – There are at least four distinct income centers that every freelancer can easily set up
  • Where to place your priority and focus – Some income streams can be set up once and then monitored periodically to pull in a steady stream of dollars so you can focus your time and talents elsewhere
  • How to set up a firm income foundation for your business – Placing the right ‘quadrant’ in the right order is the key (hint: It’s not what you immediately think AND it’s much simpler than you think!)
  • How to easily repurpose work you’ve already done across quadrants – Once this super simple secret is understood your business moves into the ‘Pleasure’ category
  • How to plan ahead so you’re always on target – We’ll show you how to create an Income Matrix to track where money is coming from and where to put your effort next to stay one step ahead and never have to ‘chase’ clients again!

At the International Association of Self-Employed Communication Professionals‘ (IASECP) Solo Pro Academy we help solo pros build a lifestyle business. The focus is to liberate brilliant creative professionals from the old freelance ‘Feast & Famine Cycle’ by building a business on the back end that supports their creative vision on the front end.

“Break Free of the Feast & Famine Cycle with Increased Income Streams & Stable Revenue Systems” presented by Barbara Saunders, Director of  the International Association of Self-Employed Communication Professionals (IASECP).

Barbara Saunders, Director of  the International Association of Self-Employed Communication Professionals (IASECP), and the Solo Pro Academy.

The International Association of Self-Employed Communication Professionals (IASECP) is a 13-year-old community of professionals in the communication and creative services industries. Barbara has run her own business, Newsletter Associates, a custom publishing service specializing in periodicals, for more than ten years. She brings that experience, as well as lessons learned from hundreds of IASECP members over more than a decade, to the Solo Pro Academy where solo pros can learn to build lifestyle businesses that thrive in the new economic reality. Barbara has earned a BA in Commercial Art, a Master’s Degree in Graphic Design and Multimedia, and has studied communication and design in London, England; Paris, France; Saltsburg, Austria; and Florence, Italy. She has clients and members all over the world.

For more info, visit:

Plus– we’ve even added a bonus download call:

“If I Only Knew Then What I Know Now:
Freelancing Lessons Learned the Hard Way!”

We wanted to give you even more value, so we added this extra bonus call just for this digital package, where all 5 of us share tips on business building topics including:

Steve’s tips:

“I’d create a network of professional colleagues in the industry to brainstorm with.  I wish I’d been more picky about the clients I worked with. And I’d be more savvy about pricing my services higher and charging what I was worth.”

Bev’s tips

“Implement a core infrastructure that will support your vision in the very beginning stages of your business including systems and virtual assistance. Acquire the sales skills needed to run a profitable business rather than an expensive hobby.”

Consuelo’s tips

“Find your one special focus area to start out with in the beginning. You can always branch out later into different areas but you have to get specific and focused so you can start building a mailing list right away.”

Mary Anne’s tips

“The one bit of advice I wish I had followed from the very beginning is not to be afraid to invest in my virtual business up front. Trying to do it all myself just to save money cost me dearly in the long run.”

Barbara’s tips:

“You have to invest in your business and not try to do it all yourself.  Associate with and follow successful people who stretch you and are a bit ahead of you.”

Whether you’re a freelance writer, artist, graphic designer, web designer, 
virtual assistant or other freelance specialty, this telesummit is full of information and strategies that you can use to increase cash flow in your freelance business right now!

Here’s the full list of topics!

  • Gaining Focus in Your Business for Increased Profits!
  • Become a Client Magnet in Your Service Business with Copy that Sells!
  • Twitter for Freelancers—A Step-by-Step System for Attracting an Unending Stream of Clients in Less Than 20 Minutes a Day!
  • How to Price, Quote and Win the Work
  • Break Free of the Feast and Famine Cycle with Increased Income Streams and Stable Revenue Systems!

This valuable information is guaranteed to put you on the fast track and save you time and money – not to mention spare you from making the mistakes so many entrepreneurs make because they didn’t have this kind of support!

Sign up now and you’ll get all of these amazing downloads that you can start using today!

No waiting for the CD to come in the mail.

Plus you can download these helpful tools:

Bonus # 1 — From Beverly Bergman, The Queen of Copywriting, Founder and President of the International Alliance of Female Copywriters and Founder and CEO of Copywriting for Coaches

The 15 Words That Will Make Anyone Open Their Wallet 
for You!
A list of “trigger” words to use in your copy that are proven to move people to action!
Top 10 Tips for Choosing a Powerful Domain Name!
There’s a lot more to choosing a domain name than meets the eye!  You’ll want to consider these things before choosing.

Bonus # 2 — From Consuelo Meux, Ph.D., Strategic Mentor, Founder and President of the International Alliance of Women Leaders

The Freelancer’s Business Proposal: 7 Top Steps to
 Respond to Win the Bid!
Every freelancer should know how to prepare a business proposal that outlines what you intend to do for your client.  Use these 7 steps to make a good first impression on a client to give yourself the best chance possible to win the job!

Bonus # 3 — From Mary Anne Hahn, Founder and Executive Director, International Association of Professional Ghost Writers

Roads Less Traveled By: Creative Ways to Attract Tons of Freelance Assignments
Want to have a perpetually full pipeline? Discover how you can by using these fabulous tips!

Bonus # 4 – From Barbara Saunders, Director of the International Association of Self-Employed Communications Professionals

Smart Revenue Streams for Today’s Solo Pro
Does working less and earning more sound good to you?  The ebbs and flows of income as a freelancer can be challenging enough to send you right back to a j.o.b! This free report is filled with valuable tips on exactly how you can leverage what you already know to even out your own income matrix and make freelancing work for you.

You’ll get all of these BONUS downloads
plus this amazing
 6-part teleseminar series!

We’re so sure you’re going to find this information is vital to creating a successful business that we will gladly refund 100% of your investment if you ‘re unhappy for any reason — no questions asked!

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